About Anker

Who we are

We're like you. We're passionate about technology and looking for ways to make life easier, more convenient, less consumed by the day-to-day. Started by a few ex-Googlers in 2008, Anker set out with one goal in mind: to design reliable, affordable products which we would use ourselves. That sense of investment has not changed. To this day, we remain committed to improvement.

Your daily fix of inspiration.

Interaction. Sharing opinions. Working together as a team. We understand that, when it comes to designing new products, our company is greater than the sum of its parts. Anker recruits spirited, curious people to contribute to this mission. Only by feeding off of one another can we reach our true potential.

A commitment to getting it right.

We never stop working for our customers. An eye for perfection is one of the traits that separates us from others. We try to imagine every feature from the consumer's point of view, tweaking and revising until we're satisfied that there's nothing left to do. We need motivated individuals to fuel us in pursuit of this goal.

Improvement, straight from the heart.

There is an intellectual fulfillment that comes with building a better tomorrow. Everyone at Anker carries this with them – at their desk, during meetings, on the road. We are looking for those who find contribution toward improvement rewarding, in and of itself. We want to give our customers the most sincere effort possible.